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During their U6 season, players will be introduced to the foundations of soccer and continue to develop their motor skills. These foundations will include, but not limited to the following: 

  • Dribbling and turning with both feet, using all parts of the foot (inside, outside, laces, sole)

  • Passing and receiving with the inside of the foot, using proper technique

  • Identify places on the foot to pass and/or shoot (NO TOES)

  • Execute at least 3 dribbling moves, such as attacking moves, turns, changes of speed, etc.

  • Proper throw-in technique

  • Introduce juggling for at-home work

  • Understand the rules of the game, according to the U6 level, including blatant fouls (tripping, excessive use of hands/arms, improper slide tackling)


During their U8 season, players will continue to gain confidence and improve upon techniques and fundamentals introduced in prior U6 season. The players will commit more time to individual skill improvement. Once their season is complete, the players should be able to do the following: 

  • Reliably be able to do dribbling foundation work (toe taps, pendulums, drags, etc.) 

  • More comfortable and confident in attacking opposition on the dribble 

  • Improve upon accuracy and power of pass as well as comfortably receiving such passes with both feet

  • Identify other parts of the foot to receive the ball 

  • Dribble and turn on command under control while mostly keeping head up

  • Understand that shoulder-to-shoulder contact is OK 

  • Understand that good soccer tactics depends on staying spread out and not bunching around the ball

  • Understand the rules of the game, according to the U8 level


During their U10 season, the players will again continue to improve foundations and techniques taught in prior seasons with added pressure. Some introductory tactic training will be introduced at this level. Below are many aspects of the game that will get covered during this season. 

  • Beating a defender on the dribble by executing a move or feint

  • Dribbling and turning with both feet under pressure

  • Proper laces-driven ball, whether a pass to a teammate or a shot

  • Receiving the ball with different parts of the body and feet on the ground or in the air

  • Discuss basic concepts of defending, such as jockeying, tackling, and 1st and 2nd defender

  • Begin basic small-group keep away tactics (supporting angles, talking, etc.)

  • Understand basic goalkeeper rules 

  • Understand rules of the game, according to U10 level


At the U12 age group, players will continue to gain individual confidence on the ball improving their basic skills and techniques learned in prior seasons (i.e. dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, etc.) by trying to execute them under increasing pressure. Tactical focus will also begin at this age group including basic problem solving and decision making. These are as follows: 

  • Dribble out of trouble, in traffic and past someone with control and speed

  • Execute soft receiving first touch away from pressure and with all parts of the body and foot 

  • Comfortably shield opponents with proper technique 

  • Execute shooting and passing with accuracy and proper power with different parts of the foot using both dominant and weaker foot

  • Players will be exposed to simple tactical scenarios and will understand how to both attack and defend these game contexts (i.e. 1v1, 2v1, 2v2) 

  • Understand each position and their role offensively and defensively

  • Introduction of chipping the ball and proper volleying technique

  • Understand rules of the game, according to U12 level


At U14, players will continue to focus on improving their skills/techniques and incorporate these components into their play under more speed and pressure. Tactical focus is now an important element in soccer at this level. Problem solving, individual decisions, and team play are critical tactical elements for these players. Below are some tactical elements and individual skills that will be of focus at this age-level.   

  • Decision making in attack and defense (i.e. where to take risks, when to possess, etc.)

  • Learn principles of attacking, defending and transitioning as a unit

  • Sharpened technical ability and making these skills more effective in group interplay

  • Accuracy of pass or shot with proper pace (on the ground or in the air) whether at a goal or to a stationary or moving teammate 

  • Be able to play all positions (backs, midfield, forwards) as this is an important aspect of learning and player development

  • Understand and apply pressure, cover,  balance in defending 

  • Basic combination plays in attacking (i.e. overlapping, takeovers, wall passes)

  • General development of endurance, speed and strength

  • Understand rules of the game, according to U14 level


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