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PRESIDENT: Matt McNeal (515-520-7993)

TREASURER: Brooke Lauritson

REGISTRATION: Kara Wagoner (641-373-0897)

REFEREES: Ryan Kuker (319-269-5936)

FUNDRAISING: Kirk Beaubien (641-640-1500)

Adam Hartford (515-368-1467)

Becca Leitzen

Sara Sparks

NEW UNIFORMS: Jaime Keninger

UNIFORM BUY-BACK: Shawna Beaubien

WEBSITE: Shawna Beaubien


Our philosophy is based on developing the complete athlete. This is done through maintaining a balance between individual development and team building. Our focus is to use soccer to educate and prepare athletes for life, helping them enjoy the sport, teaching technical skills and striving for excellence on and off the pitch. We are focused on creating a positive, fun, and engaging environment for each player so that he or she may maximize their potential.


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